The world is different. It’s so big and blown out. It’s hard to reach the people you most want to serve. Your story gets lost in the shuffle, or feels like it’s the same as anyone else. What kinds of insights would help you build your business? Earn attention? Feel seen and heard and understood? That’s what this letter does for you. I’ll show you some tactics beyond the strategy, give you some trend insights that will guide a strategy, and put it into a format that you can use no matter what sized business you run.

This Chris Brogan guy (that’s me!) sure has written MOUNTAINS of content. 9 books. Working on his tenth. A website, a video show, on and off podcasts and more.


This is a paid product dedicated to useful business analysis reporting information. This isn’t like my long standing business newsletter located here. This is a new paid product and I intend to deliver useful value for people’s subscription.

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